Lunch and dinners

Appetizers to Share

Pischán Guacamole

The best Guacamole you will try in Mexico

$135 pesos

Mayan Hummus

Known in Mayan as “Ha Sikil Pak” (Seed and tomato). Aromatic pumpkin seed slowly roasted on firewood and ground manually, tomato sauce and flavored with chives

$130 pesos

Trilogía Yucatán

For those who want to try the wonders of Yucatan: A Chicken Panucho, A Chicken Salbute and a House Empanada.

$150 pesos

Ceviche Ecab

Fresh mushrooms marinated in Indian lemon, sea salt, pepper and a touch of olive oil

$135 pesos

Fish Ceviche

Yucatecan Ceviche homemade with fish, tomato, coriander, onion and lemon. Accompained with fried tortilla chips

$200 pesos

Shrimp Ceviche

Yucatecan Ceviche homemade with Shrimp, tomato, coriander, onion and lemon. Accompained with fried tortilla chips

$235 pesos

Soups & Salads

Lima Soup

Traditional Yucatan soup, made with lime from the region, accompanied with tomato, chicken, fried onion and crispy corn tortilla strips.

$135 pesos

Pischán Salad

Original recipe from the Itzincab brothers, made with fresh chaya and lettuce leaves, grilled chicken, walnuts, bacon, Panela Cheese and tomato. Accompanied by homemade thousand island dressing

$165 pesos

Caesar's Salad

Traditional Mexican recipe of the “Caesar salad” with homemade dressing, accompanied by dehydrated tomatoes and croutons.

$230 pesos



Chicken breast roasted and cut into strips with fried onions and red or Green pepper. Accompanied with refried beans, guacamole and flour tortillas

$215 pesos

Uxmal Chicken

Grilled chicken breast with a light touch of olive oil, accompanied with mixed salad

$195 pesos

Pollo Ticuleño

Adaptation of the traditional Yucatecan recipe for the famous Motuleño eggs; juicy breaded chicken breast bathed in tomato sauce with a touch of finely chopped turkey ham and gratin with cheese on a bed of fried corn tortilla and stuffed with beans flavored with epazote

$215 pesos


Maní Poc Chuc

Juicy pork, cooked on the coals and seasoned with sour orange served with roasted onion and tomato

$195 pesos

Nohoch Arrachera

Prime Flank Steak grilled on the coals, accompanied with guacamole and refried black beans

$315 pesos

From the Sea

Tequila Shrimps

Specialty of our Kitchen, sautéed and flamed shrimps, dressed in a Reposado Tequila Cream

$280 pesos

Tikinxic Fish

Fish fillet seasoned and roasted in a sauce of “Achiote”, which is made with different chili peppers and seasonings that gives it a reddish color. Served with onion, tomato and red pepper

$225 pesos

Pischán Salmon

Grilled salmon on a Mole Poblano mirror served with artisanal mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables

$315 pesos

Vegan & Vegetarian

Spaguetti with Vegetables

Spaghetti with carrots, Italian pumpkin and mushrooms sautéed with fine herbs

$165 pesos

Orchard Fajitas

Mix of carrot, pumpkin, onion, mushrooms and bell pepper seasoned to the Grill

$165 pesos


Corn tortilla stuffed with hard-boiled egg and bathed in a pumpkin seed cream and species of the region

$185 pesos