The mysterious art of gastronomy 0km

With the world open to internationalization, more and more aspects of daily life are being transformed. A couple of years ago we would never have imagined that we would have access to famous fast food chains such as McDonald’s or KFC, which today are very common in our day to day.

But what if we went back a bit? and instead of fast food we focus on what nature has to offer. Today we’ll talk about a movement known as slow food or 0km gastronomy. For many, it may be a new term, but it is a philosophy that is worth getting to know in depth and here we will tell you why.

Everything about 0km gastronomy

1. What is the 0km philosophy?

ingredients gastronomy 0k
Ingredients for kitchen dishes 0km

The 0km philosophy is the opposite movement to the fast food concept, while the second focuses on offering a service in the shortest amount of time possible and is characterized by unhealthy food, the first proposes taking a step back by focusing on promoting sustainable dishes, making use of natural ingredients and local products.

In other words, the idea is to cook dishes where everything that is needed can be found in or around the town it comes from, thus promoting the protection of the local gastronomy of each community and the preservation of the environment.

2. What foods are considered 0km?

platillos con ingredientes regionales
Dishes with regional ingredients

Being a movement that highlights the use of natural products, it can be confusing to understand what makes a dish cataloged as 0 km, since it is easy to think that it is enough to only contain organic ingredients.

However, for a food to be considered part of the 0km philosophy, most of the ingredients used in its preparation must come from the local area and it is vital that among these is the main ingredient of the dish. In addition, priority is given to the use of seasonal products grown in a sustainable way and without transgenics.

Alimentos locales de Cobá
Enjoy local, fresh and healthy food

Another determining factor in 0km gastronomy is the cooking techniques and practices used, since they must be aimed at reducing the environmental impact.

Last but not least, the diner also comes into play since it also influences that the prepared foods are consumed within the same locality. Would you have imagined it?

3. Advantages of 0km gastronomy

Gastronomy 0k, kitchen of filosofy 0km
Kitchen that cares for the environment

This philosophy has much to offer but among its greatest advantages we can mention the following. The first of them, as you may have already noticed in the previous paragraphs, is that it cares about the environment, taking care of the ecological footprint it emits, reducing the kilometers traveled to access the ingredients and cultivating them.

The second and probably one of the most surprising is its approach to protecting and safeguarding the gastronomy of the communities, supporting local consumption and integrating the ancient practices of each kitchen.

Finally, if you have ever had the opportunity to try one of these dishes, you will know that being made with fresh and natural products, they are full of unique and unrepeatable flavors, contrary to what many might think.

4. Pischán, a restaurant focused on the 0km philosophy

Pischán restaurant, gastronomy 0km in Cobá
Pischán restaurant, sustainable cuisine restaurant in Cobá

Today there are excellent establishments around the world that maintain this concept, offering a new look compared to the large chains that one visits on a daily basis, and Mexico is no exception.

If you are near the Mexican Caribbean, we invite you to explore the Mayan city of Cobá, one of the most recommended destinations to live unique experiences. Within this quiet town you will find Pischán restaurant, an establishment where ancient techniques are intertwined with the best of modern cuisine.

In Pischán, ecological restaurant in Cobá, all the dishes are made with ingredients acquired from the locality and its surroundings. Even one of the facts that many are unaware of is that during the 4 years of pischán experience, the restaurant has implemented a small garden in which fruits such as lemon and passion fruit are grown.

food, gastronomy 0km
Fruits in the orchards inside Pischán restaurant

It also acquires ingredients directly from the native families of Cobá, the most common on the menu being Xunancab honey, corn, seeds from the milpa and handmade tortillas, thus favoring traditional cuisine.

Therefore, if you are looking for a new culinary experience full of flavors, textures, aromas and colors, Pischán is a place you cannot miss. To start this culinary journey you can book through the direct line 998 342 0198 or if you prefer through the website.

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