Flavor and Tradition! Top 7 dishes for a Mexican party

In Mexico, September is a time full of celebration, vivid colors and authentic flavors, since it is during this month that many families pay tribute to the country’s independence. How do they do it? … easy, by delighting their palate with incredible dishes for a Mexican party.

Platillos para una fiesta mexicana
Mexican party, patriotic celebration with friends

From intense flavors to comforting textures, Mexican gastronomy offers a unique culinary experience that you can’t pass up. Therefore, here are 7 unmissable dishes, so you can celebrate the Independence month in the most delicious way possible.

Dishes for a Mexican party

1. Cream Conde, the perfect starter

To start your patriotic feast in a memorable way, there is no better dish than cream conde. A traditional Mexican soup made with black beans, a few vegetables and accompanied by delicious tortilla chips.

Crema conde
Cream conde, traditional Mexican soup

Its silky texture and unique flavor offer an elegant opening to the celebration, leaving your guests with a sense of delight and joy, making it the ideal food to whet anyone’s appetite!

2. Chiles en nogada, a historic dish

One of the most iconic and emblematic dishes of the patriotic season: chiles en nogada (chiles in walnut sauce). Created to commemorate the Mexican Independence, it is a dish that not only fuses history and tradition, but also exquisite flavors. 

Chiles en nogada platillos mexicanos
Historic dish of Chiles en nogada

In addition to being made with seasonal ingredients such as poblano peppers, pomegranate and walnuts, it is extremely representative of the celebration, since its colors allude to the Mexican flag!

That, and its combination of flavors between the ground beef filling and the walnut-based sauce that gives a creamy texture and a subtly sweet flavor to the meal, make this dish a must on any table during the patriotic month.

3. Skewers, a party on a stick

If you are looking for something a little more modern but equally delicious, skewers are an excellent option. Besides being light and versatile, they are ideal to start celebrating the patriotic month and then complement your dinner with one of the main courses.

dishes for a mexican party
Mixed vegetable and meat skewer

Best of all, you don’t need to be an expert to cook them. Depending on your tastes and those of your guests, you can use pieces of juicy meat, tender chicken, marinated shrimp or colorful vegetables roasted to perfection. You decide!

Remember, the magic of skewers lies in their simplicity, allowing the natural flavors of the ingredients to stand out more than ever.

4. Tacos, the essence of Mexico

Tacos are a fundamental element of Mexico’s gastronomy, and that’s why you can’t leave them out of your list of dishes for a Mexican party. In addition to being the personification of our street food, they are a mixture of flavors and textures that show the culinary diversity of our country.

Platillos para una fiesta mexicana tacos
Tacos accompanied by rice and beans

From the bold flavors of tacos al pastor, with their marinated and grilled pork in a spinning top, to the classic carne asada tacos with their grilled flavor, each variety tells a unique story.

5. Pozole, a classic of classics

Originally from pre-Hispanic times, pozole has become one of the favorite dishes of many to accompany celebrations and family gatherings of all kinds, but especially those involving the patriotic month.

Pozole comida mexicana
Dish of red pozole, typical food of Mexico

This aromatic stew is known for combining the freshness of its toppings such as radish, onion, and lettuce. Its tender chicken or pork meat, and the sweetness of the native corn of the region, all adding a unique and traditional touch to every bite!

So if you want to indulge your taste buds this Independence Day, don’t hesitate to add it to your Mexican party dishes.

6. Quesadillas, Mexican delicacies

Similar to tacos, quesadillas are a classic and versatile dish that adapts to all tastes. And even though simplicity is their essence, their filling options are practically infinite.

quesadillas dishes for a mexican party
Quesadillas with various fillings

Believe us, you can find them with cheese, mushrooms, Poc Chuc, pressed chicharrón, chicken tinga and more. But don’t worry, they are all a delight to the palate, and you can enjoy them both as a snack and as a main dish. 

Served with a delicious guacamole, salsa and cream, you will have a dish full of Mexican authenticity.

7. Tostadas, a crunchy delicacy

Tostadas are one of the best dishes for a Mexican party, especially if you’re looking for the best of both worlds. They offer an explosion of flavors and textures in one bite.

Tostadas platillos para una fiesta mexicano
Delicious antojitos yucatecos, Mexican tostadas

So whether you choose shredded chicken tinga, fresh fish ceviche, creamy guacamole or refried beans to go with it, each bite promises an unbeatable combination. 

Besides, due to their moderate size, they are ideal for sharing and enjoying at any celebration.

Flavor and tradition in every bite, Pischán Restaurant

As you can see, Mexican cuisine is a reflection of the diversity and cultural richness of the country, and during the patriotic month, this diversity stands out more than ever. From the emblematic chiles en nogada to the flavorful tostadas, each dish represents a special piece of Mexico.

drinks for dishes for a mexican party
Special dinner among friends at Pischán Restaurant

So, if you’re looking for a true Mexican party, then you can’t miss Pischán Restaurant, an expert in ancestral flavors.

The place where all Cobá guests and tourists will have the opportunity to discover Mexico through the senses and delight their palate with their own version of chiles en nogada. At the same time, enjoy an atmosphere full of luxury and comfort, during the whole month of September!

drinks for dishes for a mexican party
Complement your Mexican night at Pischán with a delicious mixology.

For more details and to find out how to reserve your dinner for the patriotic month, do not hesitate to call the direct line 998 342 0198, or if you prefer, make your reservation through the website.

We are waiting for you!


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