Reinvent your Christmas dinner Yucatán-style

Once again, we find ourselves in the season of the year when the streets are filled with lights and Christmas carols resound in every corner, a clear sign that the most delicious holiday of the season is approaching, that’s right, we’re talking about Christmas dinner!

pischan christmas dinner
Celebra la víspera de navidad en Cobá

Although this is a celebration that has a great presence worldwide, we cannot deny that each place adds its own style, and in Mexico, a country known for its vast gastronomy, it is certain that every corner you visit will be full of delicious surprises. 

Especially Yucatán, a state that due to its cultural and culinary richness has given a complete twist to the typical family Christmas dinner. How? Here we will tell you.

Experience a Yucatan style Christmas dinner

1. How is Christmas celebrated in Yucatán?

In Yucatán, as in other parts of the world, Christmas is one of the most special times of the year, but if there is one thing it has taken care of, it is to highlight the affection and gratitude to our loved ones; the night of December 24th is a date that is entirely family-oriented.

Enjoy your Christmas dinner with your favorite people

Despite the fact that Christmas dinner is highly anticipated, both for its exquisite aromas and flavors, this is a festivity that goes beyond food; it is a night that takes hours and hours of preparation, involving ancestral recipes, customs and family traditions. 

2. Indispensable dishes for a Yucatecan Christmas dinner

Although every Christmas dinner differs depending on the household, when it comes to a Yucatecan dinner, to make it extraordinary there are certain elements that you cannot leave off your table, such as turkey broth; one of the favorite dishes served as a starter, which in addition to containing small pieces of meat is accompanied by pasta from the region.

christmas dinner food
Dishes that can't be missing on your Christmas table

Also, to sweeten the night, the famous apple salad is usually incorporated and of course the main dish, the turkey; this must be fresh and the more plump the better. Yet, the secret ingredient that will give that authentic touch to a Yucatecan Christmas dinner is the achiote, a natural condiment frequently used in Mexican gastronomy, which will give it a smoky and slightly spicy flavor. Definitely something unique!

3. Where to find the best Yucatecan Christmas dinner?

Being a few days away from Christmas, you may be wondering what to have for dinner this year and if you want to try something different, but still promising, then a good Yucatecan style Christmas dinner is just what you need, and your best option is Pischán Restaurant!

Pischán restaurant, surrounded by the Mayan jungle

This is one of the most famous restaurants in Cobá and the surroundings of Tulum, known for providing its diners with authentic and ancestral flavors of Mayan cuisine, elaborated with local and high quality ingredients. It has in fact even been recognized by Sluurpy as the best restaurant in the area, as it has had consistently excellent service since its beginnings in 2019.

So you can be sure that spending a Christmas dinner here will delight you!

Explore the Christmas menu at Psichán restaurant

In order for you to enjoy a true Yucatecan Christmas dinner, Pischán restaurant offers you a complete menu of traditional dishes that include four courses; in which with each bite you can discover and savor the ancestral richness of the region.

christmas dinner menu at yucatan
Enjoy a Yucatan style Christmas dinner

Starting with the signature dish of the Mayan town of Cobá, the tamal colado, then moving on to the tasty turkey broth with Yucatecan pasta, and the main course; the famous roasted turkey seasoned with achiote, a dish you can’t miss during this season!

As a final touch, to end this incredible dinner on a high note, you will be tasting the Yucatecan version of apple salad. Which in the Coba region is accompanied by marshmallows, apples, almonds, cherries and cream.

Complement your visit to Pischán with its signature drinks

Of course, to complement your visit, you can delight your palate with its signature drinks, made from ingredients representative of the area such as nixtamal corn or Licor de Nance, as well as enjoy craft beers from the region.

As you can see, eating here is a totally new experience. So if you are in the mood to celebrate Christmas in a much more exciting and creative way, Pischán restaurant is just what you need. To reserve your Christmas dinner and fill it with the essence and style of Cobá you can call our direct line 998 342 0198 or if you like you can do it through our website.

Don’t wait any longer and reserve your place at the Christmas dinner! We know it will be something you won’t want to miss.


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