5 facts about Pischán, a restaurant in the mayan jungle

Gastronomy is one of the elements that is preserved regardless of time, although it hastransformed by adding different culinary fusions, Mexico still maintains its traditional flavors. That’s exactly what you can expect from Pischan, restaurant in the Mayan jungle.

Pischán de noche
Pischan restaurant, exterior view at night

With several years of experience, one of our biggest priorities it’s to incorporate the best of the past and the present, always keeping the Mayan culture alive. But to be honest, Pischán is about more than food, its essence it’s reflected in its origin, philosophy and attachment to their roots, elements we are sure you didn’t know before. That’s why today we’ll talk about them.

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1. What is Pischan?

Located within the paradise of Cobá, a town full of magic and culture, is Pischán, gourmet restaurant. Like this mysterious town, Pischán is full of surprises and one of them is its name.

Coming from the Mayan word “pixan”, which translated into Spanish means soul, it lives up to its name by maintaining the ancestral flavors of traditional Mayan cuisine and at the same time integrating contemporary elements. Since we are believers that this technique gives each dish its essence, making them unique and unrepeatable.

Pischán restaurant en cobá
Inside Pischan, main palapa of the restaurant

2. Its philosophy of sustainability

One of the great attributes Pischán has is that it maintains a close relationship with sustainability, incorporating a 0km philosophy known as the “Slow food” movement.

Contrary to what is usually done today with fast food, the main characteristic of the 0km philosophy is to respect the environment, giving priority to ingredients that come from the area. In Pischán, all the dishes are made with ingredients from the town of Cobá and its surroundings, thus favoring local gastronomy and promoting the preservation of traditional Mayan cuisine.

Ceviche Pescado
“Yucatecan” ceviche prepared with local ingredients

3. What is the patron's table?

A hidden treasure within Pischán is “the patron’s table”, an exclusive space to take your gastronomic experience to another level. This area of the restaurant is guaranteed to transport you back in time with each bite of the dishes that will be served to you.

Being a private area, the patron’s table is the perfect option to celebrate special moments, since it can be set and adjusted to every occasion. Whether you want to celebrate a wedding anniversary or a birthday, every moment will become unforgettable.

Celebración en Cobá
Birthday party at the “patron’s table”

4. Food close to its roots

There is nothing more pleasant than connecting with the culture of a place through its authentic flavors, this is very clear to us. In Pischán, gourmet restaurant, each dish is made with the ingredients used by our ancestors, the most famous being chaya leaves, corn from the milpa and handmade tortillas.

In addition to using local ingredients, ancestral and autochthonous techniques are also applied, inherited from our expert chef in the Mayan cuisine. Whom with 20 years of experience has returned to Cobá to maintain his roots and his Mayan legacy.

Tikinxic fish, roasted in “Achiote” meyan sauce and marinated with chili peppers from the region

5. A house full of surprises

It is true that when you visit Pischán you can taste various traditional dishes, but on special occasions we like to surprise everyone who stops by our restaurant. From time to time we’ll be welcoming you with exclusive menus, designed specifically for the moment.

cena para eventos especiales
Pischán, dinner for special events

Whether you’re visiting us for New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, the holiday season, or even our anniversary month, we’ll serve you the best and highest quality dishes, making each experience one of a kind.

Now that you know a small part of us, you can experience your culinary journey at Pischán, restaurant in the Mayan jungle, like never before. As you immerse yourself in the culture of Cobá, why not take your adventure to the max by tasting the delights of traditional Mayan cuisine?

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