How to choose the perfect wedding reception? 7 infallible tips

If you have already decided to get married, now is the time to organize and plan your dream wedding, so it is very important to take into account all the details that will make it a special day, including the wedding reception!

Believe it or not, wedding catering is one of the elements that guests remember the most and, therefore, it is one of the factors that determine the success of an event. So it’s no wonder that many couples worry about what to serve for their ceremony.

preparaciones de banquetes de bodas
Catering for special events

The good news is that you won’t have to worry about this, because at Pischán Restaurant, we have gathered 7 infallible tips that will help you decide the ideal banquet for your big day!

Tips to choose a wedding reception

1. Set a budget

We know that when it comes to choosing the wedding reception for your special day, you want everything to go perfectly, but don’t forget that this is only one part of your budget, so make sure the price is affordable and suits both parties.

Bidget for wedding reception
Consider a budget for your wedding reception

So ask for all the details; what are the payment methods, do they have reservation and cancellation policies, do they provide additional services, etc. All this will make it easier to make a decision!

2. Determine the location

Picking the right place for your wedding is key, since besides being the place where you will carry out the most memorable event of your life, the location will determine how your big celebration will be lived. For example, planning a menu for an outdoor event is not the same as planning a menu for an indoor event.

altar de bodas en Aldea Cobá
Outdoor wedding, in the midst of nature

Also, you should keep in mind the capacity of the place, is there room for a long table, is it more practical to have small tables, is it suitable for the amount of food in your wedding banquet?

3. Check available dates

Once you have found a couple of locations you like, it is important to check with the reception halls about their availability for that day. After all, it will be useless to do all the planning for a specific location if they don’t have your desired date available at the end.

Therefore, we recommend you to book in advance, especially if the place you want to reserve is popular among brides-to-be!

4. Consider the style of the wedding

Another element that will help make the planning easier is to determine the style of wedding you want to have. In other words, do you want it to be themed, classic, outdoor, evening, or daytime? All of these questions will be key to choose the most appropriate type of wedding reception for your event.

wedding reception
Choose a style for your wedding and catering

For example, if you are planning a classic wedding with many guests, the best option is a traditional or buffet banquet. On the other hand, if you are looking to celebrate in a more intimate way and in small spaces, the catering can be by time.

5. Define a number of guests

A fundamental factor that will determine many aspects of your wedding is the number of guests; once it is clear how many people will attend, it will be easier to make the distribution of tables, choose the location and of course, establish the amount of food that will need to be prepared.

lista de invitados para tu banquete de bodas
Define the number of guests for your wedding

6. Pick a menu taking into account the guests

The meal is one of the most memorable moments in any party, so when planning the perfect wedding banquet, you should consult the menu options that the halls offer. Don’t forget to take into account the style of your wedding, especially if it will be during the day or at night, since the menu will change completely!

tipo de banquetes de bodas
Set a menu for your special evening

As well as considering the dietary restrictions of your guests, although you will not be able to satisfy everyone, it is always good to consider the majority.

7. Do a taste test

Once you have decided on the best venue for your celebration, and you have finally selected your wedding reception, it is time for a small but meaningful tasting. This is often arranged when the reception has been booked and is done a couple of months in advance.

It is also a great opportunity to make observations and, if necessary, make some changes.

tasting for wedding reception
Make a tasting session with your partner

8. Seek privacy and exclusivity (Bonus Tip)

As an extra tip, for greater control over your event it is important to consider that the hall offers a touch of exclusivity and personalization, especially if you want an intimate and private wedding. Many times, in large hotels, several weddings are held on the same day.

Servicio personalizado y exclusivo en tu banquete de bodas
Personalized and exclusive service at your wedding

So the more exclusive it is, the more you will be able to make sure you will receive enough services for your wedding, the necessary staff and guarantee control over the kitchen.

Start planning the best wedding reception

Celebrating a wedding is an exciting moment for most couples and also for their guests, however, although it represents a lot of happiness we cannot deny that it also requires a lot of organization.

special events and wedding reception
Plan your dream night with Pischán Restaurant

Therefore, the best way to make sure that every aspect of your big day turns out just as you dreamed it would is to hire an expert in private events and wedding catering services, exactly like Pischán Restaurant! 

organización de banquete de bodas
Host a spectacular dinner for your guests

At Pischán Restaurant, we’ll help you coordinate all aspects of your wedding reception so that there are no inconveniences, all while satisfying your guests’ culinary needs and surprising them with the perfect fusion of ancestral and contemporary cuisine.

To accompany your best events with the essence and style of Coba you can start receiving personalized attention through our direct line 998 342 0198 or if you prefer book through the website.

Do not hesitate and start planning your dream wedding!


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