Taste the fusion of Mayan and contemporary cuisine at this restaurant

Have you ever heard of a Mayan restaurant with a menu full of ancestral dishes, contemporary creations and a dreamlike ambiance? The place we are talking about is Pischán Restaurant, an establishment that combines in a fascinating way the flavors of the Mayan world and the best of the contemporary era.

Pischán Restaurant palapa principal, restaurante maya
Pischán, a restaurant that will transport you to the Mayan world.

This restaurant located in Coba, not only offers traditional dishes of the region, but also transports you to the interior of the jungle and wraps you in its mysticism. So if you are in Tulum or its surroundings, you cannot leave this Mayan restaurant off your list of places to visit.

To make sure you have no doubt about it, here are all the reasons why this place is not like any other.

Reasons to visit Pischán Restaurant

1. The perfect fusion between two worlds

The gastronomic proposal that Pischán Restaurant offers to its diners is mostly composed of dishes with Mayan ingredients that introduce the secrets, flavors and aromas of our ancestors. In addition, these dishes are fused with contemporary techniques, giving life to a unique and unrepeatable menu.

Salmón Pischán, especialidad en Restaurante Maya
Pischán Salmon, dishes full of creativity

In every bite the flavors and textures that you will taste will captivate your senses, a proof of this are their signature recipes such as; the juicy grilled salmon bathed in mole poblano and shrimp served with tequila cream. Both dishes that showcase the culinary creativity of Chef José Itzincab, an expert in Mayan gastronomy.

A highlight is that in addition to tasting excellent food, you can also discover signature drinks, carefully made from Mayan liqueurs such as Xtabentún, nance liqueur and peppermint liqueur. Just to name a few.

licores tradicionales en Pischán Restaurant
Signature drinks made with Mayan liqueurs

Also, we cannot forget to mention its spacious areas designed to transport you to a space of disconnection and enjoy privacy in the Mayan jungle, especially its attractive terrace and the patron’s table (a private area ideal for special events).

This makes it a complete experience, and a bridge between the past and the present!

2. Something for everyone

Other great advantages that make Pischán Restaurant an incredible place to enjoy in the company of family and friends is that it offers a wide range of dishes for all ages and tastes. So if you are not a fan of meat or are traveling with children, you have nothing to worry about.

Menú con opciones infantiles
Varied menu with options for children

As introduced in the previous paragraph, if meat or fish is not your thing, you can always check out the vegan and vegetarian options such as; spaghetti with vegetables, fajitas from the garden with mushrooms or vegan papadzules.

Restaurante Maya, servicio de calidad
Flexibility to order delicious dishes

As if that were not enough, another plus that this Mayan restaurant has is its flexibility, because if you have found something that catches your attention, yet some ingredients are not completely to your liking, the chef in addition to offering equally delicious alternatives, if you request it, can also adapt your dish as much as possible.

For example, if the tequila shrimp have caught your eye, but you want to skip the alcoholic part, you could opt for garlic shrimp, so you won’t have to miss out on anything, and you won’t be left with a craving!

3. Facts that make it extra special

Although the most impressive thing about this establishment is its ancestral flavors and aromas, it also keeps other secrets that make it feel extra special. Here are some of them.

The best Mayan restaurant in Cobá

During 2022, the international website Sluurpy has awarded Pischán restaurant with an important recognition known as “the badge of recommendation”. It was given for having achieved a high level of recommendations from its diners, scoring a 99/100!

Restaurante Maya con servicio de excelencia
Service of excellence at Pischán Restaurant

This shows that the place has received several positive opinions and has been certified for the quality of its work and its excellent service. So you can visit it and be sure that your experience will be second to none.

Committed to the environment

Something that Pischán has been doing since its 4 years of experience is to maintain a 0KM philosophy, which means that all its dishes are made with ingredients acquired from the town of Cobá and its surroundings. And in fact, the restaurant has implemented a small orchard where fruits are grown.

restaurante maya con ingredientes provenientes de Cobá
Ingredients from Coba and Mayan communities

It also purchases ingredients directly from the native families of Cobá, being the most common ingredients on the menu Xunancab honey, corn, cornfield seeds and handmade tortillas.

Thus reducing its ecological footprint, supporting Mayan communities and preserving traditional cuisine.

Surrounded by tourist attractions

The best thing about this Mayan restaurant is undoubtedly its location, as it is near several tourist gems that are worth visiting. One of the most important is the archaeological site of Coba, located just 5 minutes away. 

zona arqueologica de cobá, piramide
Cobá Archaeological Zone, 5 minutes away from Pischán Restaurant

But that’s not all, because you can also explore mystical cenotes, visit the sanctuary of Mayan customs and traditions in Sahcab mucuy, tour the spider monkey reserve or relax in the magical waters of punta laguna. Being the perfect complements to your culinary trip.

Don’t be left with a craving to taste the best fusion of past and present, discover the flavors of Pischán Restaurant from Tuesday to Sunday from 08:00 am to 17:00 pm. 

If you wish to receive personalized assistance, you can do so by contacting our direct line 998 342 0198 or if you prefer, you can make a reservation through our website.


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