Lime soup; Among the Top 5 soups in the world

Soup is one of the indispensable dishes in any gastronomy in the world, as it is a reflection of the culture and roots of each country. So no matter where you go, we assure you that you can always find one to enjoy, and while in Mexico, there are many, the most special one is lime soup.

plato de sopa de lima
Lime Soup, a traditional Yucatecan dish

And we are not saying it, the experts do; the Taste Atlas guide has released a list of the best soups in the world and among so many options, there is more than one Mexican delicacy. 

While each country has its favorite dish, the one that has managed to position itself in the Top 5 for its flavor, aroma and delight to the palate, is nothing more and nothing less than this famous Yucatecan soup. 

And here we tell you all about it!

All about lime soup

1. What is Taste Atlas?

Before we talk about the famous Lime Soup, first we want to tell you a little about Taste Atlas, the guide that has been in charge of finding the star dish of each country, and of course, the list of the best soups in the world.

The most important thing to note is that this is not like any online travel guide, but rather it is a world reference in the culinary art. Since 2018, it has been collecting gastronomic reviews, both from the public and experts, resulting in a map full of must-try delicacies to know!

2. Best Mexican Soups in the World

As mentioned previously, soup is one of the basic foods of a country’s gastronomy, and Mexico is not an exception. In fact, in this colorful place of intense flavors and aromas, this dish is part of the diet of every good Mexican.

various dishes of lime soup
Mexican soups recognized around the world

So it’s no surprise that this year, more than one has entered the Top 100 of the best soups in the world, all ranking in the first 50 places! However, the one that reached the highest position was lime soup, taking the 5th place and surpassing the traditional Japanese ramen, which ranked 7th.

It was followed by other iconic Mexican dishes such as pozole in 15th place, tarasco soup in 31st place and tortilla soup in 41st place. Each one delicious in its own way.

3. What is lime soup?

Lime soup is one of the most representative dishes of Yucatán and is also one of the oldest, as it is believed to have its origins in Mayan cuisine. Therefore, it is also one of the best dishes to try if you want to get to know the best of the culture through your senses. 

lime soup yucatecan dishes
Soup with a citrus touch

Although it is a Mayan recipe, it also stands out in our gastronomy for being a symbol of our mestizaje, as it includes elements brought from Europe such as its star ingredient: lime, which gives the dish a citric and light touch, quite pleasant to the palate.

tortilla de maiz acompañante de sopa de lima
Crunchy corn tortillas, the perfect side dish

It is usually accompanied by chicken, tomatoes, fried onion and crunchy corn tortillas, making it the perfect option for a Mexican-style first course, and in the cold season it is doubly delicious!

4. Where to try the best lime soup?

So if you are visiting the Mayan zones of the country, this is a must-try dish. If you want to continue getting to know the best of Mexican and Yucatecan food, then a visit to Pischán, a Mayan restaurant in Cobá, is all you need!

eat lime soup and traditional dishes
Full culinary experience at Pischán Restaurant

Especially because as well as the delicious lime soup, it has an endless number of traditional dishes worth trying during your trip to Mexico. Here you can find iconic foods of the region, their reinterpretations and a great signature mixology.

It is the perfect place to enjoy the original flavors of the ancient world.

In case this sounds like something you would like to experience, you can receive personalized assistance through our direct line 998 342 0198 or if you prefer, you can make a reservation through our website, we are more than ready to welcome you!


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