5 Mayan dishes to travel around Yucatán

Just as the Mayan culture has become legendary for all the history and traditions it carries behind it, we can’t deny that it has also left a lasting impact on Mexican gastronomy and a clear example of this is the Yucatán Peninsula, home to the country’s most iconic Mayan dishes.

mejores platillos mayas de Yucatán
Get to know the delights of the Yucatán Peninsula

That’s why, for anyone who is an avid fan of dining experiences, we have compiled 5 Yucatecan dishes that will take you on a culinary journey and allow you to get to know the Mayan villages through their exquisite flavors.

So get ready to discover them!

Representative dishes of Yucatán

1. Sikil Pak, a Yucatecan delicacy

To begin exploring the places of Yucatán, one of the most recommended dishes is the Sikil Pak, an ancestral food made with ground pepita, sifted tomato and other spices. It is usually served as an appetizer and accompanied by tortilla chips, but it is also enjoyed as a snack or sauce to spice up other foods.

platillos mayas más populares, sikil pak
Sikil Pak, traditional food in Yucatán

Although this is one of the most basic Mayan dishes in the diet of thousands of Yucatecans, for many visitors it is a hidden gem, because unless you visit Mayan areas such as Mérida, Cobá and Quintana Roo, it is not so easy to find.

So if you come across the famous Sikil Pak during your tour in Yucatán, you have to try it. We assure you that its tasty flavor will instantly give you an appetite!

2. Chicken Ticuleño, a Ticul classic

As its name suggests, chicken ticuleño is originally from Ticul, a Mayan town less than 2 hours away from Merida, also known as the pearl of the south and, of course, noted for its gastronomy, especially for its classic way of preparing chicken!

pollo ticuleño originario de ticul
Ticuleño Chicken Pischán Style

Due to the fact that gastronomy is a branch that is coupled, each house has a different way of preparing this food, but the essential ingredients always consist of; a chicken breast, tomato sauce, beans and epazote leaves, creating a tender and tasty chicken meat.

From there, you can find versions that add more ingredients such as grilled cheese, which accompanied by corn tortillas or tostadas create the perfect meal.

3. Poc Chuc from the magical town of Maní

If we had to choose one of the most emblematic Mayan dishes of the state, it would be Poc Chuc, or better known as carne asada. It is very popular throughout the country, but especially in Maní, one of the towns in Yucatán to which its creation is attributed.

poc chuc, platillos mayas populares
Poc Chuc, accompanied by the best flavors of Mexico.

As you can imagine, it is a pork-based dish, grilled and served with pickled onions and corn tortillas. But what really gives it that Yucatecan touch is the sour orange juice used to marinate the meat, the red onion and the black pepper. All very particular ingredients of Yucatecan cuisine.

To finish off your delicacy, we suggest you accompany it with other Mexican delights such as a tasty guacamole, handmade tortillas or a chiltomate sauce, the specialty of the region.

4. Motuleños eggs, Motul's signature dish

Now that you know a couple of main dishes to satisfy your hunger, it is time to introduce you to an irresistible breakfast acclaimed by many Mexicans: motuleños eggs.

Huevos motuleños, platillos yucatecos populares
Motul's classic breakfast

In Motul, located in the north of Yucatán, there is a dish that has marked the history of Yucatecan cuisine and consists of a pair of fried eggs served on a bed of fried tortillas and black beans. Then topped with tomato sauce, cheese, diced ham and peas.

It is easy to notice that this dish is full of flavor, in fact it is the combination of all its ingredients that has made it one of the favorite dishes of Mexican gastronomy.

5. Tikinxic fish from the coasts of Isla Mujeres

Another of the Mayan dishes that you must try during your visit to Yucatán is the famous Tikinxic fish, originally from the coast of Isla Mujeres but enjoyed all over the peninsula.

pescado tikinxic, platillos mayas del mar
Tikinxic fish, the taste of the sea in the Mayan world

This traditional dish is prepared by marinating a whole fish, usually grouper, with sour orange juice, spices and achiote, a very traditional condiment in the region. It is then grilled over charcoal until it reaches a soft texture, which gives it a unique smoky flavor.

But although it has acidic touches, it also has a slightly sweet flavor that balances perfectly with the smokiness of the grill. For this and more, tikinxic fish has been a staple of local cuisine for generations, and is a dish enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

pischán restaurant, platillos mayas auténticos
Start your culinary journey with Pischán Restaurant

Remember that these 5 Mayan dishes are just a small sample of the delicious food you can find in Yucatán. From the famous Poc Chuc, to the intriguing Sikil Pak, each dish holds the history of a different town, and is full of unique flavors, so you can’t miss the opportunity to try them!

mayan dishes in pischan restaurant
Spaces designed for a gastronomic experience in the Mayan World

So if you want to delight your palate with the rich gastronomy of the peninsula, be sure to visit Pischán Restaurant, an establishment located in the Mayan village of Cobá, expert in creating the perfect fusion between Mayan and contemporary cuisine in every bite.

To accompany your best moments with the essence and style of Pischán you can start receiving personalized assistance through our direct line 998 342 0198, or if you prefer consult through our website.

And start your culinary journey today!


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