Reinvent your Christmas dinner Yucatán-style

With Christmas just around the corner comes the perfect excuse to show your loved ones how much they mean to you, and what better way to do it than with a luxury Christmas dinner? … Lights, decoration, food and drinks are all essential elements to create an atmosphere worthy of this magical time of the year.

luxury christmas dinner in tulum
Give your Christmas dinner a twist

And since we know this is important to you, we are here to introduce you to Pischán Restaurant; the best gourmet restaurant in Cobá and Tulum, where you will experience the Christmas holidays in a much more memorable way.

To find out what are the 3 main reasons that make this place perfect for your Christmas dinner, read on.

Experience a Luxury Christmas dinner

1. A luxurious ambiance

Being located in the heart of the Mayan jungle of Cobá, Pischán restaurant has taken great inspiration from its surroundings and has created its luxurious ambiance based on the gastronomy and ancestral culture of such a wonderful town.

luxury christmas dinner special place
Travel to the ancestral world of the Mayas at Pischán restaurant.

A great example of this is that every part of the restaurant is designed with representative Mayan elements, from its walls and tables to its exquisite dishes. So it is certain that from the first moment you visit us, you will be transported to a totally different world!

private table, luxury christmas dinner
Enjoy a Christmas dinner in a luxurious setting

Also, being surrounded by lush nature you will be immersed in a refined and cozy atmosphere, perfect for celebrating in a family gathering, but without losing that special touch that many of us are looking for during the holidays. Not to mention that you will be able to enjoy outdoor spaces and exclusive tables, ideal for a luxury Christmas dinner.

2. Outstanding aromas and flavors

Just like the ambiance, the authentic flavors of Pischán have made more than one person fall in love, since this is one of the few restaurants that stands out for keeping the Mayan gastronomy alive and also offers a wide variety of delicious dishes made with high quality and always fresh ingredients.

special menu for partys
Discover authentic and unique flavors

Among its specialties you will find the traditional flavors of the extravagant Yucatecan cuisine, mixed with the best of contemporary cuisine, as it incorporates techniques from both fields. Each dish is unique in its class.

signature drinks for luxury christmas dinner
Complement your visit with Pischán's signature mixology.

As if that were not enough, Pischán also offers signature mixology, drinks made with Pischán’s own style and based on the region’s emblematic liquors. Or if you prefer, you can also enjoy your dinner with a wide selection of exquisite wines that will complement your culinary experience, a gastronomic journey difficult to repeat!

3. Special Menus

Pischán knows that this is a season to enjoy irresistible flavors, that’s why it offers you a series of dishes that will give you the perfect balance between traditional food and new flavors.

This December 24th, we will be serving a special four-course menu, in which diners will be able to dazzle their eyes and delight their palate with authentic Christmas delicacies, since one of their menus is completely traditional!

luxury christmas dinner in cobá
Enjoy a family dinner with a touch of luxury

The first dish you will taste from this menu is a special of the house, “la esfera Pischán”, prosciutto croquettes finely bathed in mango chutney. Afterward, you will continue your culinary journey savoring the famous waldorf salad and the main course, a grilled filet mignon accompanied by shrimp and plantain purée. Of course, to top it all off, you will also enjoy a traditional red velvet dessert.

menu for luxury christmas dinner
Discover Pischán's irresistible flavors

Now, if you are looking for a 180º twist to your luxury Christmas dinner, our Yucatán style menu is a great choice for you to experience new flavors and immerse yourself in the mystical environment that you can only experience in Coba. So if you want to celebrate Christmas, don’t think twice because Pischán has brought together the best of two worlds for you.

4. How to plan your luxury Christmas dinner?

In order for you to enjoy all the flavors of Christmas in one place, Pischán, a gourmet restaurant in Cobá, offers you the best culinary experiences with everything you need to make your day special: from delicious dishes and wines to exquisite desserts and drinks.

luxury christmas dinner near tulum
Plan the best dinner with personalized assistance

So if you want to celebrate Christmas in style or if you’re simply looking for a great time with your family without having to worry about anything but enjoying yourself, this is the place for you.

Since these experiences will soon be within your reach (and since we know you won’t want to miss them), we recommend you to reserve your place in advance. To do so, we invite you to contact our direct line 998 342 0198 where you will receive personalized assistance, or if you prefer, you can consult through our website.

Now you just need to choose your favorite menu!


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