Travel on the Mayan Train: Prices, Stations and Routes

Have you ever dreamed of exploring the wonders of southeast Mexico? Well, in a couple of months you’ll be able to do so, all thanks to the Mayan Train! An ambitious rail project that connects natural treasures with ancient cultures, magical towns and charming cities.

Vagones de sectur Tren Maya
Mayan Train. Photo retrieved from Fonatur (

Something definitely worth exploring. Therefore, in this blog we invite you to discover all the details of the Mayan Train, from which places you can visit, to travel prices, stops and stations. 

All about the Mayan Train

1. Which states does the Mayan Train pass through?

With a route of approximately 1,500 kilometers, this modern gem connects cities, communities and key tourist attractions in 5 different states on a single railroad. 

Through 7 sections or routes, the Train will allow us to visit Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, Quintana Roo and Yucatán. Thus offering a comfortable and efficient way to explore the natural and cultural beauties of the region.

2. Get to know the complete route of the Mayan Train

As mentioned above, the official route of the Mayan Train is divided into 7 sections, which have 22 stations and 16 stops distributed throughout the country as follows.

Descubre mapa para el Maya Tren
Discover all the stops and stations that the Mayan Train will have
Section 1: Chiapas - Campeche

The first section starts in Palenque, Chiapas and arrives in Escárcega, Campeche. It is divided into 4 stations and 2 stops.


    • Palenque, Chiapas
    • Boca del Cerro Tabasco
    • El Triunfo Tabasco
    • Escarcega, Campeche


    • Tenosique, Tabasco
    • Candelaria, Campeche
Section 2: Campeche

The next section extends throughout Campeche, exploring its best sites and goes from Escárcega to the city of Calkiní. 


    • Escarcega, Campeche
    • Edzná, Campeche
    • San Francisco de Campeche, Campeche


    • Carrillo Puerto, Campeche
    • Tenabo, Campeche
    • Hecelchakán, Campeche
    • Calkiní, Campeche
Section 3: Campeche - Yucatán

During this tour, you will be exploring the wonders that Yucatán has to offer, as it extends for 172 kilometers of this state. Starting from Calkiní, until you reach Izamal, Yucatán.


    • Merida Airport, Yucatán
    • Teya, Yucatán
    • Izamal, Yucatán


    • Maxcanú, Yucatán
    • Tixkokob, Yucatán
Section 4: Yucatán - Quintana Roo

The fourth section of the Mayan Train is the second longest of all, offering us the opportunity to travel from Yucatán to one of the most popular cities in the Mexican Caribbean; Cancun.


    • Chichén Itzá, Yucatán
    • Valladolid, Yucatán
    • Nuevo Xcan, Quintana Roo


    • Xibalbá, Yucatán
    • Leona Vicario, Quintana Roo
Section 5: Quintana Roo

This segment is also divided in two, north and south; however, together they extend about 110 kilometers through the state of Quintana Roo. Leaving from Cancun International Airport to Tulum.


    • Cancun Airport, Quintana Roo
    • Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo
    • Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo
    • Tulum, Quintana Roo
    • Tulum Airport, Quintana Roo


    • Xcaret, Quintana Roo
    • Puerto Aventuras, Quintana Roo
    • Akumal, Quintana Roo
Section 6: Quintana Roo

Section 6 of the Mayan Train continues exploring the wonders of Quintana Roo, departing from Felipe Carrillo Puerto and arriving in Chetumal. You will pass through 3 stations and 1 stop.


    • Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Quintana Roo
    • Bacalar, Quintana Roo
    • Chetumal, Quintana Roo


    • Limones, Othón P. Blanco, Quintana Roo
Section 7: Quintana Roo - Campeche

The last section of the Mayan Train will take us back to the beautiful lands of Campeche, so it is the longest of the 7 sections. It is 287 kilometers long and goes from Xpujil to Centenario.


    • Xpujil, Campeche


    • Conhuas, Campeche
    • Centenario, Campeche

3. What attractions can you see with the Mayan Train?

As you can see, the tour that can be done with the Train is quite extensive and in fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that it will take you through some of the most emblematic attractions of the country.

Chichen Itza parada Tren Maya
Chichén Itzá, wonder of the modern world

After all, its more than 1,500 kilometers of extension connect, so far, around 145 points of interest. Allowing you to visit 18 Indigenous Paradises, 38 rural communities, 14 Magical Towns, 46 archaeological sites and 6 World Heritage Sites.

4. Mayan Train ticket prices

Although this mega project is scheduled to inaugurate in December 2023, in order to plan your trip, it is essential to know the ticket prices. And lucky for you, the Fonatur has already indicated which are the prices.

Viajar en el Tren Maya
Affordable prices to board the Mayan Train

Announcing that there will be a preferential rate for Mexicans, while foreigners will have a slightly higher rate, but still quite economical. Below, you will find the prices of the Mayan Train up to now:

    • Price for Mexicans: 60 MXN
    • Price for foreigners: 80 MXN
    • Students and teachers with valid ID: 30 MXN
    • Parking for cars: 10 MXN
    • Parking for buses: 20 MXN
Acceso gratis en Tren Maya
People who can ride the Mayan Train for free

The institution also announced that there will also be population groups that will be able to travel free of charge. Among them are:

    • Senior citizens
    • Retirees and pensioners
    • Children under 5 years old
    • People with hearing, motor, visual, psychosocial or intellectual disabilities.
    • Children under 12 years of age (on Saturdays)

5. The Mayan Train route in Coba, Tulum

As mentioned above, one of the destinations you can visit with the Mayan Train is Tulum. A charming magical town full of culture, natural beauty and incredible beaches, which means you will be able to explore thousands of sites of interest in an unparalleled way.

Zonas arqueologicas en Tren Maya
Pyramid of Nohoch Mul, ruins at Cobá

And one of them will be Coba, a Mayan village located just 30 minutes from Tulum and Nuevo Xcan, the closest station of Section 4 of the Mayan Train. Here you will not only find the archaeological site of the same name, but also natural reserves, cenotes and delicious Mayan gastronomy.

Which you can experience at Pischán Restaurant, expert in ancestral flavors and aromas. Apart from offering you a culinary journey full of traditional dishes and signature mixology, it will envelop you in a serene environment that involves all your senses.

Restaurante local en Coba
Main palapa at Pischán Restaurant, inside the Mayan jungle.

For more details, you can contact us through our direct line 998 342 0198 or if you prefer to book through our website.


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