Discover the best Christmas dinner with Pischán Restaurant

This holiday season, when the lights sparkle with festive hues and the Christmas spirit fills the air, Tulum stands as the perfect place to enjoy the best Christmas dinners.

Cena navideña en Cancun
Discover the best Christmas dinners in Tulum

With menus carefully designed for Christmas and New Year, one of the best restaurants in town, Pischán Restaurant, invites you to delight your senses with unforgettable flavors while you and your whole family enjoy the magic of the season.

Here we tell you all about this experience!

Christmas and New Year in Tulum

1. Pischán Restaurant, a gastronomic stop in Tulum

Located just 30 minutes from Tulum, Pischán Restaurant stands out as one of the best places to live culinary experiences. Since it is located in one of the most important Mayan cities of the municipality, both its gastronomy and its experiences are intertwined with the culture.

Just to give you an idea, its chef is proudly a descendant of the Maya. So when you visit this restaurant, it’s easy to enjoy the authentic flavors of the region.

And with its cozy atmosphere, fusion of fresh ingredients and innovative culinary techniques, Pischán promises its visitors an unforgettable Christmas Eve.

2. Seasonal flavors to celebrate

As you can imagine, Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Tulum are celebrated differently, especially if it is with Pischán Restaurant. As every year, it allows you to enjoy both international and traditional flavors of the region.

And this 2023 is no exception, as it has prepared three exclusive proposals that will surely take your Christmas dinners in Tulum to the next level. Best of all? It has something for everyone.

International Flavors

For those who are away from home but want to enjoy a festive dinner with the flavors we all love, the International Menu is the best option. It consists of 3 courses and is a unique blend of universal flavors that allow you to have a luxurious Christmas dinner.

Enjoy Christmas dinner with your family
Celebrate Christmas with your family with your favorite dishes

First, it delights you with a soft walnut cream, slowly cooked with walnuts from Durango, Nuevo León and Sonora. As a main course, you are served an exquisite turkey breast with a cherry reduction, accompanied by seasoned chambray potatoes.

And finally, a delicious Red Velvet dessert complemented with a surprise sauce.

Traditional Yucatecan Christmas Menu

On the other hand, if you are looking to reinvent your Christmas dinner Yucatecan style, then this second option will fit you like a glove. As each of its 4 courses will immerse you in the culinary tradition of the region.

Platillos de navidad tipico
Turkey roasted Yucatecan style

Starting with the tamal colado, an authentic Christmas dish from the town of Coba, steamed and wrapped in banana leaves from the region and filled with shredded chicken. To continue your experience, you are also served the famous turkey broth, which is combined with traditional regional pasta.

Later on, dinner continues with a plate of roasted turkey bathed in achiote broth and to top it all off, a Christmas apple salad, a very typical dish on the tables of Mexican families!

New Year's Eve Menu

Finally, if instead of Christmas dinner you are looking for another seasonal favorite, we suggest you don’t overlook the special New Year’s menu. 

Christmas dinner and party
Sparkling wine to welcome the new year

After all, this delicacy is composed of 4 courses that altogether creates an explosion of flavors. Including everything from fresh shrimp croquettes and a Waldorf salad, to a grilled filet Mignon accompanied by a Caribbean prawn tail, and of course, a surprise dessert.

But that’s not all, to welcome the year in the best way, this dinner is also paired with a glass of sparkling wine and grapes to celebrate at midnight.

3. Reservations and useful details

To secure your place and be able to enjoy this gastronomic experience, we recommend you reserve in advance. To do so, you can contact us through our direct line 998 342 0198 or make a reservation through our website. 

Also, if you have any dietary preferences or special requirements, you can talk to the team, and they will be happy to reach an agreement to offer you the best possible dinner.

How to get to Pischán Restaurant?

The first thing you should know is that Pischán Restaurant is located in Cobá, inside Hotel Boutique Aldea Cobá, and few minutes from Tulum. Plus, close to other tourist attractions such as Cancún, Playa del Carmen and Chichén Itzá.

To get to the town from Tulum, you will have to take a 30-minute drive, taking the federal highway 109 and then the third exit towards the Nuevo Durango – Coba highway. Just as shown on the map.

From there, the restaurant is conveniently located a few minutes from the entrance, allowing you to quickly immerse yourself in the beauty of this fascinating region. 

4. Extra tips for enjoying Christmas Eve in Tulum

It seems obvious, but in addition to delighting yourself with exquisite Christmas dinners, nothing else is left to say but to make the most of your stay in Tulum.

Explore the white sandy beaches, dive into the crystal clear waters of the nearby cenotes or discover the magic of the Mayan city of Coba! Believe us, everything you’ll find around is a whole new experience worth living.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, here is a quick guide to the best activities near Pischán Restaurant, we look forward to share with you the joy of Christmas Eve!


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