International Chef Day; celebrating culinary art

This October 20 we celebrate the International Chef’s Day and in Mexico, being one of the countries Outstanding for their gastronomic culture, it’s a date that we can’t ignore. Especially at Pischán restaurant, the home where ancestral flavors and aromas come together to provide unrepeatable experiences.

Dia internacional del chef
International Chef's Day

To celebrate this magnificent tribute to culinary artists, we want to remind you why gastronomy has become a universal language capable of connecting people from all around the world. That’s why, in this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the International Day of the Chef, the importance of the profession, how to celebrate it and a little bit about the history of Pischán.

So get ready to embark on a culinary adventure!

International Chef's Day

1. Why is International Chef's Day celebrated?

Celebrating the International Chef’s Day was a proposal that was made under the World Association Culinary (WACS),  by establishing this date, sought to create awareness about this profession. So every October 20, starting in 2004, this magnificent event has been commemorated.

Pischán dia internacional de chef
Dishes that transmit sensations and unforgettable moments

This celebration, in addition to honoring all the professionals who work in the area, It is also intended to commemorate the hard work that chefs face every day, as well as their great ability to prepare unique dishes that offer us experiences that go beyond a dish; transmitting in each bite sensations that enliven the sight, smell and taste.

2. What did the Mayans eat?

While this is a day to celebrate the hard work of chefs around the world, it also has given us the opportunity to recognize the importance that gastronomy and culinary art have in our society.

cocina maya en día internacional del chef
The kitchen as a bridge between cultures and traditions

This has revealed that the combination of various dishes is a bridge that allows us to enter different cultures, connect with new people, share experiences incomparable and discover new destinations through the palate.

Which shows us that gastronomy not only helps promote culture and union between individuals, but also keeps traditions alive and allows the heritage of each country to be shared. So it is essential to continue supporting this profession!

3. Behind the culinary art at Pischán restaurant

During the celebration of the International Chef’s Day, Pischán restaurant has taking this opportunity to remember our first steps. That’s why, today more than ever, we would like to take you to learn a little bit about the history of our spectacular Chef; Jose Itzincab.

dia del chef en pischán restaurant
Jose Itzincab, Chef expert in Mayan cuisine

Who, being originally from a small town in Yucatán, was introduced to the world of cooking thanks to his mother, with whom he discovered his passion and admiration for gastronomy from a very little age. It was in this way that he inherited ancestral and indigenous techniques from his mother, because they were widely used in the preparation of their food.

Later he would begin his professional career in the city of Cancun working for several hotels, such as the Palace Resorts, Hyatt, Camino Real, Bananas Beach Club, etc. Thus improving their skills and competencies, which would make them stand out in the coming years.

chef día internacional en pischán
Union of ancestral flavors in Pischan restaurant

Later, with more than 20 years of experience, he decided to settle in Cobá to keep alive his culinary heritage, but at the same time applying his knowledge acquired in the modern kitchen. In this way, José Itzincab has been in charge of giving his own essence to Pischán, restaurant in the Mayan jungle. Creating a strong connection between the ancestral and the contemporary.

4. How to celebrate International Chef's Day?

In order to celebrate this great day, you don’t need to be a renowned international chef, just to have the spirit to honor the best this profession brings with it; the union of the cultures and exquisite flavors.

Día internacional del chef en Cobá
Culinary experiences in the Mayan world

However, if what you want is to participate actively, then the best thing you can do is sign up for cooking classes to prepare that dish you’ve been waiting for so long. Or better still, embark on a culinary journey through the most delicious places in your region.

In this case, if you are in the Yucatán Peninsula, then we suggest you to dive for a tour that takes you to the greatest delights of the Mayan culture, as it is the state emblem and you will not find this flavor anywhere else.

comida tradicional yucatan
Authentic Mayan cuisine of Cobá

In Pischán restaurant, it will be very easy to start your culinary journey, since here you will not only find authentic flavors of Mayan gastronomy, but you will also be able to enjoy vegan food, gluten-free and signature drinks. You can receive more information by contacting the direct line 998 342 0198 or if you prefer through the website.

Regardless of how you decide to celebrate this great event, do not forget to share your experience with your loved ones and use the hashtag #InternationalChefDay to let us know what is your favorite moment. Remember, the more that join this celebration, the better!

Leave us a comment here about your favorite experience in Pischán to continue celebrating together.

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