Pischán, the perfect restaurant for romance and disconnection

With the month of love getting closer and closer, it’s impossible not to start planning something special for your favorite person, and if you are one of those who are looking for something more than a material gift, an excellent option is to create experiences. For this, there is no better place than Pischán, the best romantic restaurant near Tulum.

romantic restaurant for couples
Fall in love again at Pischán restaurant

We tell you once and for all, here you will fall in love again, because it is a place that has everything you need for a perfect date. If you don’t believe us, here are a couple of features that have made it stand out from other restaurants in the area.

But beware, because after getting to know them you will be delighted!

Discover Pischán restaurant for romance

1. The best romantic restaurant near Tulum

Located in Cobá, Pischán restaurant is only 45 minutes away from Tulum, one of the most visited magical towns in the Riviera Maya and known among tourists for having a Bohemian atmosphere ideal to enjoy with your partner. Although the restaurant is not located within this great tourist area, you have nothing to worry about.

Discover mystical villages with your partner

Coba is a place that will not disappoint you, as it is full of a magic that will make you want to connect spiritually with your loved one, immerse yourself in the culture and enjoy the mysticism that surrounds this destination.

Due to the fact that the area in which it is located is very quiet and surrounded by nature, Pischán is a place that at first sight will make you think of the words “privacy, disconnection and romanticism”, being the perfect romantic restaurant to make your day unforgettable. In other words, it is a paradise for couples!

2. Enchanting atmosphere and Mayan inspired

The restaurant has a very special atmosphere that will make you feel as if you were out of this world, as it is not only located in the middle of the lush jungle, but also its architecture is inspired by the Mayan culture.

mayan dishes in pischan restaurant
Discover enchanting spaces

The interior design is incredible, bringing together cultural elements with all the comforts of a luxury romantic restaurant; both the walls and the tables are built with stone and wood from the region, and at the same time it has an outdoor terrace overlooking the main pool, where you can relax while enjoying cocktails or signature drinks before or after dinner.

Choose your favorite space to enjoy with your partner

It also has an indoor area covered by the main palapa and a special area known as the patron’s table, an ideal spot to keep conversations much more intimate and private. Believe us, whatever space you choose to enjoy with your loved one, your surroundings will be incredible.

3. Menu with captivating flavors and aromas

Besides being a beautiful place, the flavors and aromas of Pischán restaurant are equally captivating. This is because the restaurant has a 0KM philosophy, where each dish is prepared with fresh and local ingredients, cooked according to traditional recipes from the Mayan region.

special dinner in a romantic restaurant
Taste the best of Mayan cuisine

In every bite, you will be able to feel the fusion between ancestral Mayan flavors and the best of contemporary cuisine, creating a totally new experience. While it is a distinctive place, that does not mean it is a restaurant where it is difficult to eat, as the menu is designed for everyone to enjoy.

chef cocina abierta
Witness the chef's culinary arts

So it has a varied selection of dishes that even includes vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. And if that wasn’t enough, the experience is not forgotten either, by having an open kitchen you will be able to see all the magic of our expert chef while he creates the delicious dishes that will give you unforgettable memories during this special day.

4. Surprises and special events for two

Just as this is the ideal place to enjoy a casual meal for two, it is also the ideal place to hold those large-scale private events, whether you want to commemorate weddings, anniversaries or even birthdays, Pischán is ready to make any stage of your life memorable.

romantic restaurant with special events
Live your best moments in an extra special way

Offering you from a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere, to personalized attention, luxury facilities and special menus. So if you are in the mood to surprise your partner and make your moments together even more precious without having to worry about anything, Pischán is the romantic restaurant you need.

5. Add an express tour of Coba

One of the advantages of Pischán restaurant, is certainly its location, since it is located 15 minutes away from one of the most important historical treasures of the Riviera Maya; The archaeological site of Cobá and the best of all is that this is not the only surprise it hides.

descubre cobá en pareja
Experience magical moments while touring Coba.

For this reason, there is nothing better to complement your romantic dinner in Pischán than to combine it with an express tour of Cobá. Here some of the romantic experiences you can do are; explore its mystical cenotes, visit the sanctuary of Mayan customs and traditions in Sahcab mucuy, discover the spider monkey reserve and relax in the magical waters of Punta Laguna.

Visit Punta Laguna and explore its surroundings

As you can see, Coba is a place full of fun, both within the town and in its surroundings you can find something to do, so for a more complete romantic trip we suggest you try any of these experiences.

6. How to plan your visit to this romantic restaurant?

In order to enjoy an experience full of romance at Pischán, we recommend you to book in advance to ensure that there will be no inconvenience upon your arrival. If you wish to receive personalized assistance, you can do so by contacting our hotline 998 342 0198 or, if you prefer, you can book through our website.

dinners and events in romantic restaurants near tulum
Enjoy romantic dinners at Pischán restaurant

Now, in case you are planning a trip for two and want to make a stop at this romantic restaurant, we recommend you to stay nearby, this way it will be easier for you to enjoy it. As you could notice, inside Cobá there are many activities that can complement your visit.

Luckily for you, Pischán is located inside one of the most charming hotels in the area; the boutique hotel Aldea Cobá, whose luxurious surroundings and amenities make it the ideal place for a romantic getaway in the Mayan jungle.

With Pischán restaurant, just worry about enjoying yourself!


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