What to eat in the Riviera Maya? 10 typical dishes for you to try

Without a doubt, the Riviera Maya is a destination that has everything to enchant its visitors; from archaeological sites and exotic landscapes, to an outstanding gastronomy. In fact, during your visit you will surely find a great number of typical dishes, and even at first it may be a little difficult to know what to eat in the Riviera Maya. 

what to eat in the riviera maya
Traditional dishes that you will find in the Riviera Maya

Therefore, at Pischán Restaurant, we have compiled the best of the gastronomy of this Caribbean spot for you to enjoy a little bit of everything. So, if you still don’t know what to eat in the Riviera Maya, we suggest you start with this list.

Traditional dishes in the Riviera Maya

1. Yucatecan Sikil Pak

To fully enter the gastronomic scene of the region, there is no better way to start your culinary adventure than by trying Sikil Pak or, also known as, Humus Maya. This is a delicious starter that is commonly served as an appetizer, snack or sometimes as a sauce to accompany other typical dishes.

sikil pak yucaten dish
Classic Yucatecan Entrance

And although it is one of the most exotic dishes for foreigners because it is not only one of the most typical dishes of the state, but also one of the oldest, is one of the most common among Yucatecans. So, you can easily find it during your trip, so don’t even worry about it!

2. Guacamole

You’ve probably already heard of this magnificent dish, but it’s impossible to leave it out of your list of “Things to eat in the Riviera Maya”. This is not only one of the most loved appetizers by Mexicans, but it has also become one of the most popular gastronomic side dishes around the world.

Guacamole, the most popular Mexican side dish

Its smooth texture and fresh touches of flavor make guacamole one of the most versatile foods in Mexican cuisine. You will commonly find it as an appetizer, as a sauce to accompany various cuts of meat and even as a snack, making it the perfect complement for any good Mexican!

3. Lime Soup

Although this dish is representative of Yucatán, it is enjoyed all over the peninsula and has easily become one of the best typical dishes that this state has to offer to the world. Thanks to its star ingredient, the lime, it acquires a refreshing citric touch, which is ideal for the area! 

lime soup yucatecan dishes
Refreshing soup from the Mayan world

However, if we have to mention a detail that makes it extra special, it is that despite being food of Mayan origin, it is also a symbol of our mixed race; since it includes elements brought from Europe such as the lime itself, which is accompanied by chicken, tomatoes, fried onion and crunchy corn tortillas.

4. Motulean Eggs

If you still don’t know what to eat in the Riviera Maya to start your day, one of the most traditional options you are sure to come across are the Motulean Eggs. Originally from Motul, Yucatán, but very famous in every corner of this tourist oasis. 

huevos motuleños
Huevos Motuleños, traditional breakfast of Motul

This dish can be found in various forms and all of them are delicious. It is an irresistible breakfast full of flavor, as it consists of fried eggs served on a bed of fried tortillas, black beans, tomato sauce, ham, cheese, and peas.

In fact, it is the combination and contrast of all its ingredients, which has made it one of the favorite dishes of Yucatecan gastronomy.

5. Chilaquiles

Chilaquiles are one of Mexico’s most popular dishes, and just like Motulean Eggs, they come in many flavors. Whether you try them plain or in their most famous versions, green or red, it is an exquisite dish that is sure to leave you wanting more.

Arrachera chilaquiles dish

Typically, it consists of corn tortillas covered with tomato sauce, Oaxaca cheese, touches of cream and different proteins, such as chicken or egg, thus having the perfect balance between crunchy and soft at the same time!

6. Cochinita Pibil

If there is one dish that you definitely cannot miss during your visit to this Caribbean paradise, it is Cochinita Pibil, a dish characterized by its Mayan influences and unique ingredients from the region, such as achiote, a typical condiment that gives the pork its distinctive red color.

Cochinita tacos, a staple Sunday food

But that’s not all, because it also uses a traditional method of preparation, in which the pork is roasted in an oven underground. This gives this stew a unique and unrepeatable flavor, making it one of the best dishes you can eat in the Riviera Maya.

7. Ceviche

On the other hand, if you are in the mood to dive into Caribbean flavors, one of the most traditional dishes you will find in the Riviera Maya is the famous Ceviche. It is considered not only a basic dish of Mexican gastronomy, but also an icon of seafood and sea flavors.

ceviche de camarón
Shrimp ceviche, a tropical coastal dish

Being located in a tropical area, this dish has become very popular among foreigners and locals alike. Especially because there is a great variety of elements with which it can be prepared, however, it is most commonly served with shrimp, fish, octopus or snails. Being one of the favorite foods even for those who are still not sure what to eat in the Riviera Maya.

8. Tikin Xic Fish

If you want to continue discovering exotic and unique flavors, you can add to your list of “things to eat in the Riviera Maya” a delicious Tikin Xic fish. Considered one of the most classic foods in the area and one of the best for fish lovers, as it cannot be compared to any other!

pescado tikinxic, platillos mayas del mar
Classic coastal food, fish Tikin Xic

Since we are in Mayan territories, it preserves its authentic flavor. Which can only be achieved with the use of traditional techniques and ingredients from the area, such as chiles from the region, sour orange juice, spices and, of course, achiote. The result is a dish that in appearance is simple, but has many nuances and flavors.

9. Arrachera

For lovers of meat, one of the dishes that is very likely to catch your attention during your stay in the Riviera Maya is the Arrachera, a very traditional cut of meat in Mexico and enjoyed all over the country.

what to eat in the riviera maya, arrachera
Meat cut Arrachera

It is characterized by its juicy flavor and is usually the star dish in all barbecues, and you can also find it as a main dish and in many other presentations such as burritos, tortas or even chilaquiles, so enjoying it will be very easy!

10. Poc Chuc

Poc Chuc, or better known as carne asada, is perhaps one of the most emblematic dishes of the Mayan area and as you can imagine it is a dish based on grilled pork. It has other typical ingredients such as sour orange juice used to marinate the meat, red onion and black pepper, all very traditional elements of Yucatan!

poc chuc comida yucateca
Poc Chuc, the tastiest dish in the Mayan world

Best of all, this is the ideal dish to accompany it with other Mexican delicacies such as a tasty guacamole, handmade tortillas or a chiltomate sauce, a specialty of the region. So you definitely have to try it.

Where to find the best dishes in the Riviera Maya?

In the almost 140 kilometers of the Riviera Maya, you can find an infinite number of restaurants where you can enjoy the most typical food of the region, but if you are looking for the best culinary experience then Pischán Restaurant, located in the Mayan jungle of Cobá, is your best ally. 

Restaurant in the Mayan jungle of Cobá

Since this charming establishment is not only part of this delicious gastronomic scenery, but also boasts of being a representative of the best of the past and present. Serving dishes that highlight the ancestral Mayan flavors and the best of contemporary cuisine.

So if you want to delight your palate be sure to visit Pischán Restaurant and contact our direct line 998 342 0198 or if you prefer consult through our website and start your culinary journey today!


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