4 craft beers to try in Mexico

There is no doubt that everything made in Mexico is made with love, but this is especially true when it comes to one of our favorite drinks; beer. Therefore, it’s not surprising that every Mexican loves to accompany their best moments with this refreshing drink, and more so if they are craft beers!

cervezas artesanales orgullosamente mexicanas
Mexican beers, part of Mexican culture

Even though there are many brands that have achieved worldwide renown, none compares to the drinks that have been carefully crafted in the region. So if you are visiting Mexico, you can’t leave without trying one.

Here are 4 proudly Mexican beers, ideal to try on your next trip if you’re tired of the same old brands.

Proudly Mexican beers

1. Top regional and craft beers

There is no better excuse to have a couple of drinks during your trip than to enjoy the true Mexican spirit. However, if you want to do it like an expert, here are the most exquisite regional and craft beers in the Riviera Maya.

Regional and craft beers
Mexican beer tasting

Tulum Beer

The best way to start this list is with one of the most popular craft beers in the Mexican Caribbean; The Tulum beer!. Besides having a light and pleasant taste to the palate, it seeks to represent the best of Tulum by adding a unique touch of the destination and respecting its natural resources.

During the whole process of its production it uses natural energies, so when you drink a Tulum beer, in addition to having a refreshing experience, you will preserve marine life.

Mundo Maya Beer

Born in Playa del Carmen, Mundo Maya Brewing Company’s beers stand out for their ancestral touch, as they seek to respect local traditions and incorporate the best of the Mayan world in their various drinks.

They do this by adding ingredients and techniques from the region, and even, you will notice that all their craft beers have names referring to the culture. For example, El Jaguar beer, Quetzal beer, Ah’Men beer, among others.

The best thing about this Mexican brand is that it has several options to choose from, so you will find from light and refreshing flavors, to sweet and sparkling.

Montejo Beer

On the other hand, Montejo beer, originally from Yucatán and known as the favorite of many lovers of fine beverages, has been captivating palates for decades, even outside the country. 

Despite being a beer with Mexican roots, it has received great international recognition for its exquisite taste and sensory experience. This beer is distinguished by its clear golden color, light and smooth texture on the palate and a refreshing and well-defined flavor.

Carta Blanca Beer

Last but not least is Carta Blanca beer, a product from the famous house of Heineken Mexico, which, as you can imagine, also enjoys great recognition. Especially, due to its flavor, tone and aroma, it is not at all complex to the palate, making it the perfect choice for many tastes!

Mainly because, as a lager beer, it has a smooth and refreshing taste, which is ideal to be consumed with various typical dishes of the region, such as meat cuts, seafood, and even some snacks.

2. What are craft beers?

Craft beers are those that are brewed following their own unique recipe, so it is very common that they require more care and attention. Differently from industrial beers, they use natural and premium quality ingredients.

cervezas artesanales
Sparkling craft beers

Thus, they will always have a distinctive and personal flavor, making it difficult to find them in places other than their place of origin. Especially because they are considered local products and also due to their peculiar brewing process, as their production is limited.

Although this type of beer may be a little more expensive than what we are used to, the final product is worth it, as they are a delight to the palate.

3. Why choose a craft beer?

There are many reasons to opt for a craft beer over an industrial one; however, perhaps the most obvious one is its quality. Since it does not contain artificial elements and makes use of natural fermentation, it always has a more attractive flavor, aroma, and even texture.

Regional and craft beers in aldea cobá
Refreshing drink in the Mexican Caribbean

Moreover, paired with the distinctive technique of the expert brewer, you can be sure that your favorite beer will always be one of a kind, so if you come across one, don’t hesitate to try it!

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