6 types of wedding receptions; From classic to creative

Planning a wedding is a very important task, however, we know that among the countless decisions you will have to make, one of the most difficult ones will be to choose between the many types of wedding receptions, as it is a key factor in any event!

Tipo de banquetes de bodas
Catering service for special events

Mainly because it involves a lot of fundamental details, such as the budget and the number of guests. But don’t worry, once you have all these factors clear and defined, you can start looking for the right supplier.

To make your organization easier, here are the six most popular types of wedding receptions you can choose from.

Types of wedding receptions

1. Classic Catering

The classic banquet is the ideal option for those couples who want to give their event an elegant and refined atmosphere. Especially, since in this catering service, the food is served in courses and the guests are assisted at all times from the comfort of their tables. 

Clasic type of wedding receptions
Classic banquets for elegant events

Therefore, it is recommended for indoor events, though it is important that there is a good coordination between the waiters. As well as harmony between the dishes you offer in your menu, which usually includes gourmet cuisine and an elegant presentation.

Whether you decide for 5 or 3 courses, you must consider the combination of flavors!

2. Buffet Banquet

For a more casual and interactive dining experience, buffet service is one of the best types of banquets you can choose. Here, guests will be able to help themselves to a variety of delicious dishes laid out on a large buffet bar.

Buffet, mejores tipos de banquetes
Diverse dishes for a party full of flavor

And don’t worry about the “crowds”, if you want to make the reception more fluid, the secret is to place several tables and take care of the distribution of the dishes. This way you will avoid long lines!

On the other hand, unlike the classic banquet, this one is recommended for outdoor parties, since the guests will need space to move around. The best thing about this style is that it encourages guests to mingle and gives them the freedom to taste their favorite flavors.

3. Traditional food banquet

This is one of the wedding receptions that stands out for its originality, since in addition to being an excellent way to share the cultural heritage of the bride and groom, it is also a great option for couples who want to have a themed event.

Traditional types of wedding receptions
Traditional food banquets for a memorable event

So whether you decide to incorporate your own traditions or celebrate with a vintage, Bohemian or even an ancestral Mayan theme, you are sure to create a truly memorable experience with your loved ones.

And the best part is that here you can play with the elegant, the classic and the fun, incorporating typical dishes of the region and a refined presentation. So get creative!

4. Cocktail banquet

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more relaxed and social celebration, the cocktail banquet is the ideal option for you. Due to its ambiance, guests can enjoy a variety of appetizers with different textures, sizes and flavors. 

tipos de banquetes glamurosos para bodas
Modern celebration with cocktail reception

However, the waiters are essential in this service, since they are the ones who will make sure that the guests try a little bit of everything, handing out appetizers and drinks. And although most of them are usually standing, you can also include high tables, seating areas and an open bar for tasting signature drinks.

For this reason, it is one of the most popular types of wedding reception for couples looking for something modern and glamorous, especially if they are planning a short dinner and want to spark conversation among their guests.

5. Food Corners

This style of banquet, also known as food stations, has become popular among brides and grooms as a unique and interactive type of reception, which although it is similar to the buffet has slight differences.

types of wedding banquets, food corners
Variety food station for special events

After all, even when it comes to offering a variety of tasting options, each station or table usually has a different theme with a chef present to prepare requests from the guests. For example, a sushi bar, a pasta station or a meat station. 

Guests can explore different flavors and customize their dishes, creating a tailored dining experience.

6. Food Trucks

This is definitely one of the most spectacular and innovative types of wedding receptions that you can find. As it is not only the perfect option to give a modern touch to your wedding, but also to celebrate in a different and memorable way.

tipos de banquetes para eventos informales
Food trucks to celebrate in a memorable way

Especially because food trucks will bring fun and excitement to your event, offering a wide variety of street or gourmet food selections. So if you are planning an outdoor event, you should take it into account.

From tacos to ice cream, food trucks offer a casual but delicious dining experience that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Start planning the best wedding reception

As you can see, there are several types of wedding receptions for different styles of weddings, so now that you know them, you will be able to find the one that best suits the celebration of your dreams.

Types of wedding receptions at pischán restaurant
Delicious banquets for events in the Mayan world

If you still don’t know which one to choose, don’t worry, remember that you can live your special day as you like. So don’t be afraid to innovate and mix several styles, for this, your best allay is Pischán Restaurant, expert in events and catering services.

Where we will help you coordinate all aspects of your wedding, while satisfying the culinary needs of your guests and pleasantly surprise them with the perfect fusion between ancestral and contemporary cuisine.

Eventos y bodas
Weddings and special events in Pischán Restaurant

To accompany your best events with the essence and style of Coba you can start receiving personalized attention through our direct line 998 342 0198 or if you prefer you can book through our website.

Think no more and start planning your dream wedding!


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